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Working with ToberMotors was not only an extremely helpful experience, but also a pleasure. A co-worker recommended ToberMotors me when he heard that I was looking for a new car lease because the old one had expired. With a full-time demanding job and being a caretaker for my autistic son as well, I just couldn’t find the time to go through the process, which I knew would require so many steps and trips and calls, plus making a decision about what car was ideal for me. Once I contacted David Tober, I literally didn’t have to do anything other than just provide him with the needed information plus an idea of what car I was looking for.

David was instantly engaged in the process and at the speed of light found 2 great options that covered all the requirements on my list. I picked the beautiful Mazda cx-30 that you see in the photo. The day of the delivery he even took the extra step of taking my car to the car wash to remove the rain marks from the day before and he pay for it himself. Everything about the experience was a dream and I had my new car so quickly.

Nothing wrong with people getting cars by themselves, but if your life is busy or you need an honest person to help you get the car you need while you can take care of other important things, call ToberMotors , I highly recommend this company. The cost for the service was super fair. If I did it myself, it would have probably ended up being more expensive counting all the time and trips, stress and calls needed.

Thank you ToberMotors for your help and the fun experience!
Elsa, a very grateful customer.