Best Price Negotiated

With concierge attention to you, we take the pain out of car shopping

Tell us what you want to drive next- We locate it with your color and options & get you a very competitive deal on it..
That includes getting you the best rate on financing or leasing, and all rebates

Leasing or Financing

We work within your budget, and personally deliver your new vehicle. You never step foot in the dealership

Even groceries can be delivered to your door, so why should car shopping demand hours of your time spent at dealerships? – Easily talk with us through text, email or phone call. Let us handle everything and bring your new car and all the paperwork.

Our Testimonials

David Perez

With sky high car interest rates and car dealers in the drivers seat you need an expert to help you navigate the market. With Dave @ToberMotors you don't waste hours in dealership filling out paperwork, haggling for pricing, searching for the right car or waiting on...

Valli Murphy

From the moment I connected with Dave until the day he hand-delivered my car, he has been the consummate professional, and it was such a privilege to work with him. Dave found me my dream car and I couldn't be happier. He is attentive, knowledgeable and well-networked...

Casey Ruble

Dave was a dream to work with -- super communicative, super knowledgeable, super friendly. He immediately understood the kind of car that would be right for me and ended up finding it in just a week! I'm absolutely thrilled with it. To people (like me) who haven't...

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